In the past, when you needed live music effects, you might have no choice but to decorate the sound room.

Now, with SFR quality equipments, you can place the audio system where you think is the most convenient place, and you can keep the original furniture layout. Moreover, the sound effect is close to the real music performance scene.

If you are using some high-quality equipment, the difference may only be a pair of cables.

Sound Field Restoration

Attending Concerts...
A piece of music is being played in the concert hall. Each musician concentrates on using his (her) instrument. Under the guidance of the conductor, the composer's meditation was fully expressed in the interpretation of the music. Every note of music reverberates in this concert hall. A melody narrates the composer’s heartfelt thoughts.


webassets/909WM3fig8.jpgMusic recording records all the information on the scene completely. Every specific time period, there is always a corresponding sound spectrum. Each spectrum is collected on the time axis to form a complete piece of music..


...In Your Own Home
Faithfully restoring each spectrum/time, reproducing all the signals of the live recording – Sound Field Restoration (SFR).

Environmental sounds
If an object produces sound in an open or closed space with the same energy, the loudness of the two will be very different. Music is recorded in a closed space, and part of the loudness of the sound is contributed by environmental sounds. Audio equipment plays music. If the direct sound of the instrument and the ambient sound cannot be restored accurately, the two will be mixed into a muddy sound. If people want to imitate a live sound effect, they still need to use this muddy sound to reconstruct the ambient sound in the audio room. However, the result of this imitation is only to create a sound effect with the characteristics of this sound room. In addition, this kind of mixing also distorts the original loudness of the instrument, and causes the music being played to always contain background noise. In severe cases, this murky sound makes the music noisy and pollutes our living environment.

With the continuous advancement of recording technology, the music performance scene information has been more completely retained. Part of the music that people play daily is recorded in some famous concert halls. These concert halls have better sound mixing effects, while maintaining excellent sound clarity. The sound effects of famous music halls cannot be imitated at home, and we do not need to do such imitating. All the live information has been fully recorded in the music recording. We use accurate audio equipment to replay this information, and the sound effects of the music hall can be reproduced in our home.

Any audio system can improve its sound quality through a setting that improves the function quality, so that the music playback reaches the level of SFR.


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