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Power Cable

Energy-Pump Made in USA

The Energy-Pump power cord uses our unique DPEC technology to tilt the power supply to the audio equipment, giving priority to the audio equipment to replenish energy.

Dynamic music causes the power consumption of the device to change instantaneously with the signal. Energy-Pump can quickly replenish the energy just consumed by the device, allowing the device to continuously maintain accurate signal output to express the accurate transition between two notes and truly restore the original mood of the music. Energy-Pump also allows you to appreciate the depth of musical performers' performance and clearly identify the performers from their performance style.

Audio equipment quickly replenishes energy, which can improve its signal following characteristics. Distortion will be reduced and manifested as a reduction in musical background noise. The sound will be able to accurately restore the original dynamics to express the original vividness of the music.

The Energy-Pump improves the control of the power amplifier, the low frequency rumble will be reduced or even eliminated, and the box sound of the speakers will be reduced.

Additional benefits that come with the Energy-Pump
Usually, we control the distance and angle of the speakers in the system settings to compensate the speaker frequency response and phase characteristics, and to calibrate the sound stage. However, when there is an unpleasant rumble in the low frequencies, the placement of the speakers needs to take into account the use of acoustic interference to reduce the rumble. This can easily lead to a lack of a certain part of the low frequency band under the effect of acoustic interference, thereby destroying the continuity of the frequency response and making it difficult to take into account the accuracy of the sound stage. Ultimately it affects the texture of the sound.

After eliminating low frequency rumble, you can compensate for its frequency response and phase characteristics by adjusting the distance (relative frequency) or angle (relative phase) of the two speakers. Or use this method to control the texture of the sound and the coherence of the stage to suit your own preferences.


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