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Audio CD Prospects

Nowadays, the prices of various data storage media have been declining, and online music downloads are also extremely common. Therefore, people have questions about the future of audio CDs. If we analyze the characteristics of audio CDs from multiple aspects, we can find a clear answer.

1)The manufacturing cost of the product includes materials, equipment and human resources. Among the current various data storage carriers, plastic disks are still the carrier with the lowest production cost. In the foreseeable future, the low-cost status of CD is still difficult to shake.

2)Among various digital music formats that use plastic discs as storage media, audio CDs have the lowest data storage density. Under the same technical conditions, the player has the lowest error rate when reading CD data. Therefore, more accurate data can be obtained through playback. For data errors during CD playback, please refer to CD Disk Data Title.

3)Among the current various data storage carriers, plastic disks are the most difficult to read data correctly. Based on this, the record company will still confidently put the source data of digital music on the CD.

Past facts have proved that any reliable software protection can be cracked. In the fight between piracy and anti-piracy, software companies have realized this evil threat. Digital data can be copied unlimited times without causing damage. The source data of digital music is the most important asset of a record company. It is conceivable that if we expect record companies to use some storage media with high reliability and easy data duplication to provide the original data of digital music, it will be wishful thinking. Based on the above points, we estimate that audio CD will still occupy the position of the best sound quality source for a long time to come.


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