Amplifier Features:
1) Reduce or even eliminate the acoustic resonance of the audio room and the box sound of the speakers. 2) No transient intermodulation distortion. 3) After the power amplifier is connected to the speaker, the linear output can be maintained close to full power. In other words, you don't need to expand the amplifier's power headroom by 5 to 10 times to maintain linearity. For example, if you play music with a maximum output power of 100 watts, you do not need to prepare a 500 to 1000 watt amplifier.

This phenomenon is very common when the audio system is playing music. No matter how much power the amplifier can output, as long as it is applied to a higher power area, music playback will trigger the acoustic resonance of the audio room. This reduces the clarity of the sound and disturbs other rooms, making the family feel annoying. The problem is that the power amplifier (after being matched with the loudspeaker) has a kind of distortion that we call Dynamic Nonlinear Expansion.

The amplifier has this distortion, when it is used in conjunction with the loudspeaker, it can only maintain a linear electrical/acoustic conversion in a certain area of lower power output. Leaving this area, the linearity of the electrical/acoustic conversion will produce serious distortion and cause the dynamics of the sound to expand. As the power output increases, this expansion will increase exponentially and nonlinearly. When the frequency of the playing sound matches the resonance frequency of the room, it will trigger and enhance the acoustic resonance of the sound room. In the same way, the box sound of the speaker will be enhanced due to this distortion.

The E-100 power amplifier solves this problem. Using E-100, the audio system can reduce or even eliminate the acoustic resonance caused by Dynamic Nonlinear Expansion, and can significantly reduce the speaker box sound. Use E-100 to play music, control the volume, just feel that the distance between us and the band is changing, while the emotional state and tone of the sound remain unchanged.

E-100 is a low-power version of HEAVEN 1.0. E-100 retains the excellent drive performance of HEAVEN 1.0 to the maximum and provides higher cost performance. The output power of E-100 is sufficient to drive most speakers on the market.

The excellent performance of Heavenly Sound E-100 brought Jimmy Saxon's biggest surprise at CES (The Best surprise at CES......the incredibly lively sound), and give it a thumbs up: Heavenly Sound E-100 Wins a special Jimmy Award for Most Exciting Amplifier Design in Show.

Here, we want to correct a misunderstanding. The two E-100s at CES are just ordinary two-channel amplifiers. They do not have a built-in crossover (Renaissance’s two-way Prelude speakers only have a pair of binding posts, and it cannot be used with by-Amp). In the equipment materials released by CES, we introduced that the E-100 can have a built-in crossover to obtain better sound quality. This unexpectedly caused some misunderstandings.


  • Full Balanced Design
  • Automatic temperature protection
  • Two transformers and 5 independent power supplies for each unit
  • Ultra-low noise design


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