Features of Tai Chi Backup CD:
Help the CD player to obtain the correct data and restore the original sound quality of the audio CD. Compared with the original CD, the emotional state of Tai Chi backup CD sound is closer to LP, and it still maintains the original micro dynamic density of the CD sound.

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Test CD

Title:Tchaikovsky: Ballet Suites - Swan Lake / Sleeping Beauty,Op.66a / Nutcracker
Label::Deutsche Grammophon
Catalogue No. :437-806-2

Among the many CD brands, Deutsche Grammophon's CD has a wider frequency range. Playing music in a wide frequency domain requires high-quality equipment to produce better sound effects accordingly. Therefore, Grammophon's CD is suitable for testing functional quality.

Playing this CD, the background noise of the music and the level of confusion of the sound are related to the functional quality of the system. For its mechanism of action, please refer to the particularity of the sound system.

The sound features of each object are related to the structure of the object. When an object makes a sound, it follows a phenomenon that is physically inevitable. If you use this inevitable phenomenon to monitor the authenticity of the sound of an instrument, this CD will be very suitable for you to test the audio system.

This CD has recorded many beautiful music clips. It has a very quiet music background. The music is beautiful and dynamic, which is very suitable for use as an audition disc. This CD allows music details to be sent out continuously, seemingly endless. If the relationship of "higher quality audio system, more music details" is applied to the playback of this CD, it is appropriate. However, this CD will also rigorously test the audio system without mercy. For low-quality audio systems, this would be cruel. If you want to pursue higher quality, it is difficult to find another CD to replace it to test the audio system.

Used as a test disc, the biggest feature of this CD is that just one CD can fully identify the specific quality of the audio system. In the first six pieces of music, different melody speeds and dynamics have been included. The first paragraph can be used to test the analytical ability under general dynamic conditions. The second section can test the analysis ability with a little more dynamic and faster melody speed. The third paragraph is characterized by a more obvious sense of rhythm, but it will not lose the beauty of the music; the end of the music also has a faster dynamic change. The melody of the fourth section is slower and the dynamics are relatively small. It is more suitable for testing the micro-dynamics of the sound, as well as evaluating the small-range linearity of each sound pressure area and the accuracy of the environmental sound by changing the volume.

The speed of the melody of the fifth and sixth segments gradually increases, and the dynamics of the sound will also be maximized. These two paragraphs are more suitable for testing the overall linearity in large dynamics. Especially when playing the sixth section, the small range and overall electric/acoustic conversion needs to have good linearity in order to accurately distinguish the various instruments in the whole piece. The sixth segment has another feature that is difficult to find in other CDs, that is, the electrical signal has the maximum output level (0db) at more time points.

Although, this is a classical music CD played by an orchestra. However, if your audio system can accurately reproduce the various instruments in paragraph 4. Then, when you play a singing performance, you will be able to hear the singer's accurate emotional expression.

If you think that music is a language, then the accuracy of its emotional expression is very important.

During the development of our SFR, two things have never been absent. The first is B&W N801, and the other is this CD. Every time we modify various equipment, we will use the first 6 music in this CD to beat the audio system. Now, you can also directly use our Tai Chi backup CD to test the system. The role of Tai Chi backup disc is to help your player to obtain accurate data.

The fourth and sixth paragraphs of this CD can clearly reflect the role of WRT cable in the audio system.

As long as you can be more careful, you can test many features of the audio system only in paragraph 4. For example, In the first 3 minutes of this piece of music, the harp sound serves as a foil, bringing out the elegance and melodiousness of the music. But to present such an effect, your audio system needs to be able to reproduce the real harp sound. This may seem simple, but it's actually not easy. Because this is related to the inevitable phenomenon of physics mentioned at the beginning of this article. Here, the WRT cable becomes very important. The WRT cable not only maintains the linearity of the audio system. The real-time spectrum effect can also prevent part of the music signal from turning into background noise after passing through the cable. Moreover, the prerequisite for reproducing environmental sound is the real-time nature of the sound spectrum. This is because, in order to reproduce the ambient sound, the phase of the sound of the two channels must be accurate. This accuracy not only affects the detail density of each channel of sound waves. And it affects what is produced by the mutual interference of the sound waves of the two channels: The smallest component of the environmental sound of the original recording site.

When the linearity, the quietness of the stage (music background noise), and the sound refracted from all directions (environmental sound), these problems are still unsolved, and elegance and melodiousness cannot be guaranteed.

Currently, we have some Tai Chi backup CDs that are suitable for SFR settings. If you have already purchased the WRT cable and need this backup CD, you can purchase it here. This purchase includes the original CD and a Tai Chi backup CD. This backup CD uses the highest quality Kodak 24k gold-plated CD-R. The CD-R has a thickened reflective layer. According to Kodak, 17mg of 24k gold was used for each piece of CD-R.

Kindly reminder: 1) If your system does not use our WRT interconnection, it is possible that you can only use headphones to distinguish the difference between the Tai Chi backup CD and the original CD on the CD player. And your audio system may not truly reflect the difference between these two CDs. Even, the effect of backup CD may be worse. 2) If you do not intend to upgrade your audio system to SFR sound quality, you may not need a Tai Chi backup CD. That is, the original CD purchased in a music store can also function as a test disc.

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