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Equipments for SFR

Sound Field Restoration (SFR) is the name of the audio system music playing to a certain sound quality. It requires the audio system to restore the existing environmental sound in the original recording. This can be obtained by replacing some equipment on the basis of the existing audio system. The original configuration of each audio system is different, and the equipment that needs to be replaced to upgrade to SFR sound quality will also be different.

The difference between SFR's playback system and other audio systems is the accuracy of music details. It is affected by three aspects: signal source, signal transmission, and electrical/acoustic conversion linearity. To upgrade the existing audio system to SFR sound quality,

  • Need to replace to the WRT cable,
  • Most High End CD players use high-quality CDs to get the original musical details needed for SFR.
  • For some audio systems with 10" or more rubber ring speakers, the power amplifier may need to be replaced.

We suggest that you use your existing equipment as much as possible. A large part of High End equipments is still of good quality. Some equipments of lower quality, after getting mutual compensation between the equipments, although they may not be able to restore all the music details, they usually still meet the basic requirements.

At present, the biggest obstacle that affects the sound quality of the audio system is the distortion of the sound state of the cable. Most audio systems composed of High End equipment only need to be replaced with WRT Cable to improve this situation, and some can even directly achieve SFR quality.

Whether the original environmental sound can be restored, the signal source is an important factor. However, the audio system needs to use WRT Cable to accurately evaluate the signal source quality. Similarly, in order to accurately assess the true essence of the power amplifier, the sound distortion of the cable must be solved first. In view of the above reasons, the order of our products to audio enthusiasts is the cable first. After users evaluate the quality of equipment other than cables, we supply power amplifiers and CD players as needed.

Whether the audio system needs to replace the power amplifier, mainly depends on which type of music you play and how high the sound pressure needs to be output. If the power amplifier has dynamic nonlinear expansion distortion, it is easy to trigger the acoustic resonance of the audio room when playing at high sound pressure. Especially to drive some larger size rubber ring (high compliance) speakers. This distortion affects the music playback of some large dynamic sounds. For example, music played by some large orchestras. If this kind of music is not played, there are also a large number of high-quality amplifiers on the market that can meet SFR requirements.

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