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FREE Trial

We have built a loss-free environment for you to try our products. The first trial product is WRT cable

We are a group of audiophiles. In order to pursue real live sound effects, we research audio and assemble the equipment ourselves. We have traveled the market and admired the famous products. We have added a lot of equipment during this process. Although this has been rewarded, and cost a lot. But the effect is nothing more than what many audiophiles have experienced, and we all have had mush fun in it. Since we can't find what we are after in the market, we have to do it ourselves.

At CES2008, E-100 brought Jimmy Saxon "The best surprise at CES". And given "the Heavenly Sound E-100 wins a special Jimmy Award for Most Exciting Amplifier Design in Show". Although the E-100 has been praised by sound critics, we still haven't used this momentum to sell our amplifiers. It's not that our power amplifier has any defects. It's just that at that time our system hadn't fully reached the goal we set. The development work was not finalized until the Tai Chi backup CD and WRT cable were completed one after another, and the equipment in the SFR playback system was finalized. Yes, we only sell products that are deemed the most accurate.

Now, we share our research results with audiophiles. The first recommendation is the WRT cable. The same technology used in our E-100 amplifiers have now been developed into our WRT cables, which solve the most critical problems common in audio systems, and will greatly improve music playback. In our group of audiophiles, WRT cable has been tried for several years, and no one is dissatisfied. This includes more than ten systems, the market price ranges from $10,000 to $100,000, and the replaced cables range from hundreds of dollars to more than 3,000 dollars.

You can borrow FREE Trial to discover the best sound effects that your system can currently achieve. No matter what brand or price of cable you are using, and whether you are pursuing SFR quality. As long as your audio system is used for music playback, the WRT cable will be able to make your system the best. We pursue live music to produce SFR. You can start with the WRT cable to understand how perfect sound effects SFR can bring to your music playback.

As audiophiles, we have had the same experience as you. We have also purchased some equipment online. However, not all devices can meet our expectations in actual use. If we return the goods, we have to bear the cost and the proportion is not small. So many times we will reluctantly accept some equipment that is still not very satisfactory. We don't want this situation to happen to our customers.

If you confirm that the WRT cable can greatly improve the sound quality when you play music. And you think it is worth buying this cable for your audio system. You can keep the cable to enjoy your music. If you have any dissatisfaction within 30 days of the cable shipment, we will email you a mailing label for you to send the cable back. And you will get a full refund.

The Free Trial is only available to users with a US mailing address. Users outside the US will still receive a discount on trial cables, and they will still receive a full refund if they return the cable, but they will be responsible for the cost of returning the cable.

Since the wire's technical parameters ordered in each batch are random, there is uncertainty about whether the wire's parameters we order next time can be controlled or when they will be controlled to the current level. Therefore, according to our existing wire, this FREE Trial only provides about 200 pairs of WRT Interconnects (calculated at 1 meter). All WRT Interconnects will run in the SFR playback system for sound quality confirmation.

Date: Sep-2021


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