Earth 1.0 is the reference signal source for SFR. Earth 1.0 adopts a fully balanced design. Each channel is equipped with 2 PCM1704 D/A chips. Multiple sets of Imitation battery circuits with better stability than batteries independently provide stable and noise-free energy for each digital and analog unit. The multi-layer circuit arrangement transmits the signal in the shortest path to ensure the signal phase is highly accurate. The fully enclosed 8MM aluminum alloy cabinet provides a heat dissipation area of more than 4 square feet, and the working temperature rise of the whole machine is less than 5 degrees C. This ensures long-term stability and high reliability of work, and provides a very low noise environment. Earth 1.0 has a 99-level volume control, which can be directly connected to a power amplifier.

Very low noise. With the combination of Earth 1.0 and HEAVEN 1.0, we cannot hear any electrical noise on the speaker (Nautilus 801) with a sensitivity of 91db.

Technical characteristics (typical value)

Digital Input: 2 AES/EBU (XLR)
  3 S/PDIF (RCA)
  1 S/PDIF (BNC)
Analog Output: 1 Balanced
  1 Unbalanced
Sampling Frequency: 32~96KHz
Max Output  
Balanced: 4Vrms

S/N (5Hz-50KHz Spectrum Test) 140db (Balanced 4Vrms out)
Channel Separation  
1KHz 148db
10KHz 133db
20KHz 128db
Free response: 20-20KHz  0 - 0.2db
Power 120VAC
Continuous 20W
Max 80W
Dimension: 17" W x 12.3"D x 5"H
Shipping Weight: 50lbs


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